Bill24 Payment Gateway Plugin

    • Bill24 Payment Gateway Plugin provides one of the most advanced integrations for WooCommerce while providing the security and reliability for payment processing. With Bill24 Payment Gateway Plugin, you can provide many payment channel to your customer such as pay on web, agencies or financial mobile application.
    • Installation of this plugin is pretty easy and simple. 
    • Please download the installation guide below or click the button below to see the demo website

Why Bill24 Payment Gateway is right for your store?

right for you

  • One-time integration with quick set up and automatic updates
  • Customer can make a payment securely
  • Acceptance of local and international(Visa, Master, Union Pay, JCB, Dinner Club) payment methods
  • Simple and easy to process for making payment
  • Supports with KHR and USD Currencies
  • Support Pay Later Feature (Pay with Agent or Financial Mobile App)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the money get deposited in my account?

After your customer makes a payment, you will receive the payment to your account in real-time or one day after the transaction (T+1).

  • Will Bill24 store my guests’ credit card information?

No, we are not allowed to store your customer/guest’s credit card information.

  • How can I know my registrants’ credit card information will be safe?

It is surely safe under bank security.

  • How can I reconcile payment transactions with the bank?

We provide a portal page which you could get the transactions report and reconcile with the banks.

  • What do I need to start collecting payments through Bill24’s financial partner?

To collecting payment through Bill24’s financial institution partner, you have to sign an agreement with bill24 to accept the terms and conditions.


How to Setup Plugin

Free Download

WooCommerce Bill24 Payment Gateway Plugin V1.0.4

Download Set Up & Configuration Guideline

Download User Manual

Custom API Integration

If I don’t use WooCommerce, how can I connect with banks?


Don’t worry, Bill24 provides an API that easily and fastens the integration.

Please contact us to get more details.

Telephone: 010 795 790